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This is not a study Graduate or University program, and we are not paid to run the program (including government funding). The aim of the program is to provide an opportunity to get experience in helping small business owners, particularly in Online Social Media management. This is a free service for both you and the business owner.

This program is open to anyone. We have already received interest from partners and children of business owners looking to get more involved, sole parents looking for flexible and returning to work arrangements, Over 55’s looking for supplemental income. Anyone that has an interest in Social Media for any reason.

Register your interest by signing up below and we’ll email you out what you have to do next. We’ll start looking for a business to take you on

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Online Social Media interns can engage customers through your Facebook page (or set one up for you) and build content for you to leverage across other social media platforms including Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

As a Voluntary Intern in our 8-week program, you will learn in only around 5 hours per week professional standards working towards Develop an online presence for customer engagement skill set units from the Retail Services Training Package.

78% of business have reported trouble in recruiting talent with the skills to effectively manage their social media.

Do you want to be in the 22%, or be more employable and get a competitive advantage to work for the other 78% of businesses? Learning through an experience you can learn up to 7 times faster than just getting training.

Internships are about learning through doing, using the strengths you already have. What would you rather double, $10 or $70? It’s a no brainer. Increasing your earning capacity is another reason people do an internship.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

Implement social media and online customer engagement Skill Set

Like to know the rules for businesses to take on a Free Intern in Australia? You don’t need a written agreement to take on someone to do voluntary work, but we have done up a letter of engagement to explain the difference between an Intern and an Assistant (employee) under the Fair Work ActLetter-of-engagement-Intern-V1.

We supervise the work you do directly to make sure both sides do what they said they would, and manage the expectations of the business owners to make sure they are realistic. After all, this is training in the real world, not in theory. Not about what you could do, show people what you CAN do.

We start you off with an online course that covers all you need to know to maintain ethical and professional standards when using social media and online platforms. Then we induct you into the program by going over the marketing plan for the business you will be working with, so you can hit the ground running.

Our program includes weekly zoom meetings for training and skills development as you need it. We don’t just send you out and leave it to the business owners and get them to train you.

You can learn more from a business owner by watching them do what they do best. Run their business, and convert what Interns do into sales.

We are here to provide training for you so you can be competent enough to practice and get the experience you need to get better at what you want to do.

You get an outline of what you will be doing for the 8-week internship (including a 2-week induction) when you select the business you want to work with, and we help you and the business stick to the plan.

Want to see how we do it, and how we help you get work from the internship, check out the webinar:

Free Diploma Free Intern Program Information Webinar

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Training and coaching provided by Brett as part of the program induction and supervision of interns.

Not just businesses, it could be helping Mums and Dads earning extra income to spend on their family, Authors and Industry experts trying to educate the public, even community organizations and events.

When you agree to do your internship with one of our businesses, we give you free access to a website building course on Udemy to cover the requirements of another unit of the Online Social Media Qualification: Develop a basic website for customer engagement. Just in case you need it to gain extra skills in high demand by business owners, and you will likely use them in your 6-weeks work with the business.

You also will get a copy of the textbook we wrote for the Diploma of Network Leadership and Management after you complete the online induction course if you want to start working towards more qualifications.

Here are some examples of Client’s you could be working for. You can like the Facebook pages on the list and support the other interns too as part of the program.  

The Olivetree Cottage at Stanthorpe

Winter at the Olivetree Cottage – Stanthorpe

Secret Recipe Indian Cuisine – Kangaroo Point Brisbane

Farmer Gregie and Scenic Rim Robotic Dairy

Skills Quiz

Everyone has skills

What skills do you have that are in demand in the workplace? Answer this quiz thinking about who you are outside of work. You don’t have to be a different person at work anymore and act like someone else, in fact, business wants you to be “Authentically you”.

Modern workplace leaders can match the skills you consistently use both in and out of the workplace to job roles. No matter how much experience you have, a prospective employer will always know more about a job role than you. All you have to do is tell them what skills you have, not what you think they need. Take this quiz and we and recommend where to start looking for a job that is right for you.

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Do you or someone you know need a little help? We are also looking for businesses to take on trained interns from our course to work for free for you to get experience. Ask as for the T&C’s in the form below if you would like a little help to get things going for you too.

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It doesn’t have to be this hard to ask for help

We are currently taking expressions of interest for Brisbane and Gold Coast workshops. If you are not in these areas, please let us know roughly where you are located (e.g. Sydney) and we will look at expanding the program to your area soon.

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