Current Training Market

Vocational (VET) students in Schools

With more than 400 Schools that are also Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), 30% of Senior students

International Vocational Students

Australia is the 3rd largest provider in the world of education to international students through more than 600 RTOs

Long Term Unemployed

who have access to funded skills development to get a job, plus over 600,000 others registered as looking for work wanting to update skills

Brett O'Connor

Brett’s working life began in primary school, continuing through to all of the normal takeaway outlets and summer jobs until the end of high school. 

Uni life moved Brett into event management on the social committee, and various other management roles, ending up owning a cafe when he left Uni at 21 yrs old.

After selling the cafe a few years later, Brett moved into Franchise support, Business Development, marketing and operational support and helped open around 50 outlets in this time.

The next phase saw Brett move into hospitality management in hotels and major tourist attractions. Returning to franchising as the Support Manager for BRW’s 2nd fastest growing franchise, he then took the franchise overseas as the Operations Manager based in the Middle East.

Returning to Australia, Brett went back into hotels and tourism while undertaking a Masters in Business. After completing study, Brett moved into the formal training system.

Writing Training and Assessment material for organisations with turnover above $500 million per year, Brett became an expert in training and assessment strategy compliance working on implementing the industry reforms. He has also been deemed qualified to deliver training for the Diploma of Business, now considered a “High Risk” of non-compliance by the training industry regulator (ASQA).

Putting it all together now, Brett’s latest project includes helping small businesses and social enterprises grow, and providing training content for school children, International students and long-term unemployed.

After all this, Brett still believes doing training and volunteer work for Small Businesses and Social Enterprises is best way to ensure that training is relevant to the real world and meets the needs of employers, great and small, while keeping your finger on the pulse of what really matters to people on the front line.

Online Courses

Years of experience in instructional Design, Franchising, including developing courses for creating online courses.

Qualified Business Trainer and Assessor regularly doing more than 2 face-to-face workshops a week

Trains interns in Social Media Management to help Small Business/Social Enterprises, including managing when posts go viral

What People say...

While Jeff Bezos may have said “your personal brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room”, in the digital age, people will likely say it to your face, albeit online.

Working closely with people that have a lot of expertise requires you to build open and honest personal relationship, and a high degree of trust.

You can’t collaborate with a large number of experts unless they know you have their best interests at heart.

Here is what some of the people Brett has been developing training with have to say about him.

Pat Armitstead

"His work with creating training and opportunities, powerful networking, and leveraging social media has resulted in massive propulsion for the key figures he has been working with”


Shalini Nandan-Singh

Contract Specialist -
"Brett is an outstanding educator, an innovative thinker and creator of courses that create useful and practical skills in students to support small business.”

Lauren Boon-Hollows

Owner & MD for Thrive Education
"Bretts a highly motivated and extremely passionate trainer! I love his dedication to providing skills and knowledge and his continuing desire to challenge the status quo!”


Sally Eberhardt

Author, Writer and Speaker
"Brett is not only one of the most compassionate people I know, he is also one of the most capable of making a difference to the lives of many.”

Coming Soon - Inception Training

If people don’t believe they have the skills to get work doing what they love, they will not be able to start a business. Getting the skills for do things that Small Business owners need to grow their Business is where business Inception happens. If they can do it, why can’t you? Success leaves clues.

School kids

Why not get a job in online customer service, or marketing? Most already know how to use the technology you need them to use, the next generation needs you know how.

International students

They are here for a holiday, most want to learn. The problem is not that we train them and they leave, what if we don’t train them well enough and they stay!

Return to work

Who says parents don’t have skills? There are now transferable to work; they just have to learn how to apply it. Many fit naturally into leadership positions in modern workplaces

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