This course is a collaboration between Small Business owners who also do mentoring and coaching for other Small business in a specialised field. These businesses have made in-kind donations of training content and resources, and the facilitators of the course are paid by the income streams that are generated during the course.

When you think about it, it makes sense that course is being funded by customers when the course teaches people how to generate multiple streams of income. It is more like a “money get” than a “money back” guarantee.

The trainers and contributors to the program are so confident that what they teach can make money for others, that if the trainees don’t make money, the trainers don’t get paid.

The more money the trainees make, the more money the trainers make. To get the trainee’s making more money, their trainers have to reinvest extra time (and the money they make) back into the program.

You can check out some FAQs the course developers were asked HERE, or you can email hello@freediploma.com.au if you have some more of your own questions.