Network Leadership and Management Course

Why not apply the skills you already have in a business, and earn money while you learn how to do it?

Others already do. What are you missing out on?

This course is not intended to replace your current obligations, rather help you meet them by providing you with skills in high demand by Small Business Owners who seek more flexible work arrangements, including working from home and Freelance work.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, nor are we going to say anyone can do it. You have to put in the work, so we want to know, what motivates you?

This course has 6 workshops over 6 to 12 months working towards a formal Australian Qualifiction (AQF). Course progression is based on implementing in the real world what you have learned in the previous workshop. It is totally up to you how fast you move through.

Part of networking is forming collaborations, helping others that can also help you, so even in a group training environment, you can move at your own pace.

If you don’t do it, that’s fine, life gets in the way. We won’t waste your time by getting you to come to the next workshop until you are ready to go. That’s how we hold you accountable for doing the work. You can pull out of the course at any time simply by doing nothing.

Do you want to learn how you can help friends and family, even Grandchildren with their businesses, or just get a job you enjoy? This course is all about having options, and it doesn’t have to be all about you. Work out why you want to do this course, and that will help us plan how to get you to your goals.

But you don’t have to do it alone. We’ve put together this short video to answer FAQs as to why we do what we do on the course so you can share it with others you think might be interested in working alongside you.

It’s only 10 mins, but might save you a lot of time emailing us to answer FAQs. If it does, seems we may have already found people that are like you too.

This course is not government funded, or paid for by sponsors, or investors. It is paid for by customers, just like every successful business should be.

We don’t just teach you how to sell, you have to do it while on the course. It comes with a “money get” guarantee – if you don’t get money from sales on this course, we don’t get paid either.

You may only earn enough on this course to be able to afford a holiday at Christmas, or pay some bills as you go along, but how would that feel?

We want you to use the strengths you have, and connect you with others who can help you overcome each other’s weaknesses through the power of networking…

What would you rather double… ten dollars or fifty dollars?

Whatever your strengths, it is good enough, but how would you feel if you had more options to do more of what you really want to do? Increase your earning capacity by double your strengths first, then you can afford to work on your weaknesses. We’ll show you how.

Do you think people that are spoilt for choice are lucky? Well then,… do YOU want to get lucky?

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