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Do you want a professional-looking website theme to drive traffic to and convert leads from Social Media?

Please read what “you get” section below.



Do you want a professional-looking website theme to drive traffic to and convert leads from Social Media?

Even if it is just to sell your ideas or give information as an authority? Do you get asked and networking events “can I look up your website to get more info?”.

Want a website that you can scale up later IF you need to?

How does this look?

Go on, admit it… did you try to click on the buttons in the image above to see the services?

If you could, it would take you to this page HERE

This simple process is how businesses converts leads to sales, from whatever social media platform you already use.

We can set this up for you. Then, if you can copy and paste, upload images, use the internet, etc… You can adjust the pages yourself as you like.

Yes, the set-up is really that simple.

Maybe you are:

  • An Author, or looking to write a book to show you are an authority?
  • A specialist consultant that wants to spend more time with clients rather than booking meetings?
  • Work with a charity or community service organisation?
  • Want to weed out the tyre kickers and people you meet at networking events that just want free advice? or…
  • Do you run events, and want to put up more information about the event than platforms like allow you to do (now you need a “Pro” membership to promote sponsors).


So why don’t you?

Websites are expensive, right? e-commerce websites are, and they are worth what you pay a web developer to scale it up or it costs you loads of lost sales.

Information websites are cheap as chips, and like chips, information websites can go with just about anything. You can buy a domain name for $10.50 per year, hosting (we found) from $3 a month and comes with unlimited emails. And you have complete control over the domain and the website.

but (there’s always a but), you need to set up the website yourself. That part is what we do for you as part of this installation of the website theme on your domain.

If you don’t have a domain name, we’ll tell you how to get one and where to get the hosting deal. This is not included in this package as we want you to own it so you have control. This will make it easier for you when you want to scale up your website, and don’t get locked out and have to start again.

You get…

  • a WordPress one-page website template customized to your (personal or Business) brand (pick 3 colours and 3 Google fonts), with responsive content, including space what you do, testimonials, call to action buttons, and google maps. Example here
  • Free shopping cart, with 1 product set up (payment to your PayPal account) like this
  • Link to free scheduling apps for appointment bookings (or your paid options is you have them)
  • Contact us form installed, linked to your MailChimp account to build your contact list (we can set up a free account if you don’t have one)
  • Email setup for your domain name (if you don’t have one already)
  • Google Analytics installed so you can track how many people go to each website page
  • Security plugin to prevent hackers from getting into your website and alerts you when updates are needed

All of the above options are free versions, and you can upgrade to the paid Pro versions once you learn how to use them and see if you need extra features. For now, the free ones will do the job.

All the work is done by people based in Brisbane, we do not outsource it overseas. However, some of the work may be done by international students living in Australia and supervised as part of our Intern program.

You must provide the content to put on the site!

If you don’t have the content to put on the website, before making this purchase maybe you need to consider why do you want a website right now? We find many people have the content they need for a website from their Facebook page.

This is why we get our marketing Interns to manage a Facebook business page first, to build content and have conversations with potential customers and test ideas.

Disclaimer: We can recommend copywriters, marketing and branding consultants, even direct you to legal advice and discounted website legal template we can install. You have to make the decision if this product is right for you, and developing content is not included in this product. If you want content done for you, it’s only fair that you pay extra for that.

Or you can check out our Intern program.



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